Cement vs Concrete – Which is Sturdier?

Posted by Gail Howard

For a normal person, cement and concrete mean the same thing. It’s a construction material used for building houses, bridges, walls, etc. With the question as to which is sturdier, the answer is concrete.

Cement for Construction Jobs

Cement is made of silica-rich materials and calcium. This makes it prone to cracking. When it comes to cost, cement is much cheaper but weaker. You can often see cement in small construction projects, usually decorative ones. However, it doesn’t mean that you should stop using cement. Cement is weaker as compared to concrete, but it can last for decades when properly maintained and constructed. Hiring professional cement contractors is one key to have a sturdy and highly durable house made of cement.

Concrete for Construction Jobs

Most construction companies are now opting to use concrete with their construction projects. They recommend using concrete even in small projects such as A driveway or patio especially if clients are expecting heavy traffic In these areas.

Concrete is used in big construction jobs such as bridges, skyscrapers, and big walls. When properly installed and maintained, concrete can last for decades.

What You Should Know About Cement and Concrete

Cement is softer

Cement is prone to cracking because of natural ingredients. A professional cement contractor can add a binding agent such as clay or limestone to make it stronger. This binding agent can extend the life of cement for a period. This doesn’t mean that cement is a weak construction material. It is still one of the most used construction materials out there for small houses and small DIY projects. It is just that when compared to concrete, it doesn’t stand a chance.

Concrete has cement

Cement is one of the ingredients in creating concrete. It is added to water and aggregates like sand or stone. This makes concrete sturdier. Aside from the natural sturdy properties of cement, it also has aggregates that make it sturdier. Concrete comes with up to 70% aggregates. Imagine how sturdy your cement is when combines with stones or sand.

Cement is also expensive

Cement is not a poor choice when it comes to home construction projects. If you are planning to improve or renovate your home, you can use cement for aesthetic purposes. It is even used in maintaining concrete such as chips and cracks. Though less expensive when compared to concrete, cement is still more expensive when compared to other construction materials like wood.

Concrete offers different style and designs

As time changes, so are the different things that concrete contractors can do with concrete. There are decorative concretes to choose from and they can be applied differently (via spraying, stamping, etc). Most homes can now use concrete on their walls and floors and make it look like natural hardwood or brick. The beauty of technology has now been transpired and applied to construction jobs that use concrete.

Final Thought

There are obvious differences between cement and concrete and yet it is very clear that concrete is the sturdier and stronger of the two. If you are into building a home that will last you for decades, using concrete materials is highly encouraged. In the end, it is best to ask your contractor whether you can use cement or concrete on smaller construction jobs like patios or walkways.



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