g2k - now the generation

War isn't like the movies portray it. War isn't neat and orderly and clear-cut: War is messy. It's bloody and dirty and it causes strong men to weep and sometimes, it makes weak men become strong.          

Those going to war need to understand that the brave will turn into cowards while some, thought to be cowards will      stand up and be counted. Brilliant plans will become ridiculous babble and simple ideas will win the day. Strength will      be discovered where it is least expected and weakness, hidden by careful manipulation will be exposed like a flimsy     tarp, blown into the wind by the merciless wash of a helicopter's rotor. And when the day of battle ends and the guns    have grown still, tired, silent men will look into one another's eyes and know - they will be brothers from this day on.

Look around your town today; does it appear that America is at war? Probably not. The War on Terror is being not     fought on conventional battlefields by conventional means. This war is largely unseen, yet more deadly in its potential       for destruction than a marching army; the nearly invisible war on terror is a reality although most of us have never seen    an enemy combatant or heard the angry sound  battle. And while we don't see the battles, we witness the devastation left in their wake. New York City, The Pentagon, Pennsylvania, Afghanistan, Iraq, Spain, Indonesia. These names         awaken terrible memories of death and destruction, of sorrow and grief beyond words.

But there is another war, deadlier in its execution, more insidious than any terror network that wages war daily every-  where in the world. It is the war for the souls of mankind. We may never see our enemy with our natural eyes, because   he is invisible; yet we feel the effect of this war, calculated in broken families, destroyed lives, wrecked dreams,      crushed and discouraged hearts.

The basic building block of any army is the individual soldier; but soldiers seldom fight for grand causes or for lofty    ideals. From history's first war until now, soldiers have always fought for each other. What is needed in this deadly        war of the spirit are brothers who fight for each other; sisters who war alongside sisters. What heaven is seeking is         an army, an army of brothers, soldiers of the cross who will rise to the challenge of heaven, who, "out of weakness will    be made strong, become valiant in battle, turn to flight the armies of the aliens . . . ."  And when the battle has ended    and the guns have grown still, tired, silent men will look into one another's eyes and know - they will be brothers from    this day on.


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