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We're not cute; I know. We don't use "cutting edge" graphics; I know. We haven't employed  "trick" designs and we haven't used the current "buzz words" of emerging church language to communicate    our message to you. We don't use titles such as "apostle" or "prophet" to describe ourselves because, to us, we're just people with names given us by our mothers and fathers and we're much more comfort-   able on a first-name basis.  I know, we don't seem "cool." Maybe we're not "cool." And if we're not, I don't care that we're not.  Being "cool" isn't our objective; it doesn't even appear on our radar. 

We want to be accepted by God. 

We want to accurately represent Him to the world around us. 

We desperately want to walk in close relationship with Jesus. 

We want to effect our world with His presence, Spirit, anointing, touch, healing.

I know, we're not "cool." And that's really ok with us, as long as the moment appears when we hear     Him say to us; directly to us, "well done, thou good and faithful servant."

So if you're looking for "cool," do a Google search. If you're looking for the reality of a group of people given entirely to the single purpose of pleasing Him, we invite you to join with us on our quest to see    the church that Jesus promised He would build.

That's the Emerging Church that this site talks about so incessantly and so passionately. It's the    church we invite you to join.

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