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A Word for Holland 

January, 2008

Emerging Holland

Hear Him whisper, softly calling: “Awaken now from your slumber. The day is long past; the evening comes.”

He whispers. His Voice on the wind beckons and stirs. Hear His Voice, beloved Holland; for in the latter days has He come as He promised; to arouse you from your sleeping; to place His mantle upon you and to christen you with His love.

“My King has established me; He has set His bow upon me; His delight has caused my face to shine. I will arise . . . I will arise . . . I will rise up and wipe away the slumber from my eyes and I will behold Him Who has made me and nurtured me and loved me. I will rise up and shake off the chains that have bound me in my sleeping.”

The earth waits, the earth is still and listens for the sound that will come from your lips and the sound that comes from the chambers of His heaven.

He has put His song within you, beloved Holland. He has kept you in the secret place, He has watched you in the night hours, and He whispers gently,
“Arise, My beloved Holland. Rise up with Me and take your place among the nations and among all the peoples, for you are not the least and you are not an outcast. I have given My Song to you, I have given to you the Symphony of My Song. Arise and sing, my beloved. Sing with Me the Song of Liberation and Mercy; sing with Me the Song of Freedom and Grace. Hear My Voice. Hear My whisper. Arise, beloved Holland, for this is now the hour of your coming forth in My grace and in My love.”

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