Father’s eyes are set upon you: You who have known such pain and loss. Your sons have been stolen from you; they have gone out and have not come back and your tears and your sorrows, spilled like water from rain gutters have not gone without My notice.

I have numbered your wanderings; I have saved your tears in My bottle; Are they not in My book? I have seen them; yes I have counted each tear as an offering, pure and holy before Me. As the orange must be squeezed for its juice to flow, and as the grape is crushed for its wine to come forth, so you have been squeezed and you have been crushed. The book of your story has been one of weeping and of sorrowing.

Yet I will turn your weeping into rejoicing and your sorrowing into gladness. I will cause My sun to shine upon you and you will see a New Day as I turn My eye upon you; for I have watched you and I have made silent witness of your faithfulness and your watchings and your waitings. You have cried out to Me in the night hours; you have longed to see My glory. Therefore I will come to you and I will woo you and I will call you My own and you will be a jewel, even a precious stone to Me says your God. And as the light of My glory shines upon you and as you turn this way and that way to reach out to the fallen and the broken and the unlovely and the unwanted, I will cause you to shine even as a prism brings forth the colors of the rainbow. And each color shall be a gift to you, for you will be gifted beyond your understanding.

I will raise you up from your affliction and I will Husband you and will be your Rear-guard. I will protect you and you shall you not weep from sorrow any more, and I will cause sons to be born and to be raised up from you who shall go forth in My strength and in My power. They shall wear My crown and shall carry My sword to the nations of the earth in this New Day says your God.

The poem below was written by Jude Dunne of County Cork, Republic of Ireland. I met Jude in the summer of 2004 and was impressed by the simple and straightforward faith and insight he shared with me.

Don’t go back

To what?
For what?

 Remember the narrow way

Enlist the help of others

The body of His army

Get in line

Stay in step

Not conformity’s gait

Rather grace’s dance

Watch out for legality

Controllers subtle disguise

Keep your freedom free

Pick up the slackers

Love the backpackers

They are freer than free

Oh please do not forget

Those who strayed

Don’t turn away in judgment

I dare you to be different

Beware the group speak

Or passionless death

Will grip you

Be alive and vibrant too

This is who you are in Christ

A diamond rare

Uniqueness’ signature

From the Father’s heart

“Written upon the palms of His hands” 

“Written upon the palms of His hands” (Isaiah 44:5 NIV)

© Jude Martin Dunne

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