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It's unique what I'm sensing tonight in this place. God is doing something corporately among you.

I see a tapestry made up of many, many colors, woven by a Master to create something that is absolutely gorgeous. I'm watching tonight, a Weaver. A lot of you have looked at the color of your life and it has appeared to be bland, muted shades of gray, but what you couldn't see was that underneath the muted shades, God has created the most glorious, stunning colors and I'm watching the Master Weaver tonight as He weaves together various colors of fabric: Our experiences, where we've been, what we have come through, some of our hurts, some of our woundings, some of our pain, and He's weaving those together to create a tapestry of color.

It will become a banner that will wave over the State of Iowa. They will say, "This is the Glory of God." "This is the Glory of God." "This is the Glory of God."

Iowa, you have not seen some of the glories of His creation. You have not seen the glories of the Rocky Mountains. You have not seen the glories of the coasts of the sea, the verdant forests, the valleys, the rolling great desert. You're in the middle, Iowa, but over you will fly the banner of My Glory. The mountains will bow, the seas will come forth, and the forests will sing, shout and clap their hands, and the deserts will break forth and bloom like a rose at the sight of you, O' Iowa as the banner of My Glory flies over you. I shall bring the wind of My Spirit to lift the Banner high so that those who are afar off will see the Glory of My Banner over you, O' Iowa.

Hear this day! Your God has come to you. You have longed to see Me. You have longed to know Me. You have longed to experience Me. You've stretched yourself toward Me.  But I say I stretch Myself to you. I reach to you. I come to you.  This is the hour of the beginning of the visitation of your God upon you, O Iowa. 

I have called you individually tonight in this place that you might become witnesses of My Word, to know that I, the Lord upon you, will create something of such splendor and beauty and glory that the nations will marvel at what I have done in this place. For I have reserved you unto Myself, O' Iowa. You have never seen the mighty come out from you. You've never seen the crowd come up from you. But I will cause the mighty to rise up from within you: For I shall reveal the glory of my risen Son upon you.  Gather, you! Gather, you! Gather, you!  Do not walk any longer in division.  Do not say any longer "I have, but you don't have". Come together, My people. Gather together. Gather together. Begin to walk in the unity of My Spirit.  The Father and the Word and the Spirit are One.  The Father, the Word, and the Spirit agree.  Therefore, My people, walk in agreement.  This is not the hour to dispute. This is the hour to join together, for I will lead you together.  I will cause you to become My banner.  And they shall say: "His banner over us is love".

It is I, and no other, that will accomplish this thing. It is I who will do it.  My testimony goes before Me. For in the days of old I have been faithful and the thing that I have spoken, I have performed. Know this, that in your hearing this night, you hear the declaration:  "Over thee, O' Iowa, shall I wave My banner of Glory." Many shall be astonished and many shall come. Many of you will go. You will take My Glory to the nation and the nation will take My glory to the earth, 'til all the earth is covered with the knowledge of My Glory as the waters cover the sea.  For this is the hour! This is the day!  I will come to you and you are here this night to become witnesses to the Truth of My Word.

I'm seeing keys. I'm seeing keys.  There's a key ring and the keys to the ring of a ring in a circle. It's a circle. It's a circle. It's a circle. It knows no beginning and it knows no end. There's no…no opening.  He's placed the keys on a ring. It's not one key. It's three keys.  It's a key for this door.  It's a key for that door.  It's a key for this place, a key for that place. It's a key to this door. It's a key to that door. He says: "I place my key in your hand." "I place my key in your hand" .  .  .

Greg Austin                            Word for Iowa


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