I’m going to cause the earth in this region to shake. I’m going to crack open the earth to receive now My water. This is Cordova’s hour of destiny, as God begins to shake this region and crack open hard, closed hearts so that the river of God can flow. The streams of God are going to make this region glad and Cordova will become known as a glad place where the sun shines because the glory of God will be set upon this place. God says I’m going to make it a port of entry. I’m going to make it a port of entry for My glory.

I will establish in this place a place, a dwelling place for My glory and My glory will dwell. My glory will reside in this place and men will come even from afar and shall be astonished when they see My glory in this place. I will look through your streets and I will sweep through you and you will hear the groaning. You will hear the deep sorrow as men and women in their homes repent when My Spirit flows through the streets of this area says God. I will bring a spirit of conviction upon families and homes. I will bring a spirit of conviction that will change the fabric of this town. I will establish righteousness and righteousness shall be the banner which shall fly over you. I will claim the hills and the mountains says God. I will move to the summits and I will plant there My flag of freedom and liberty and salvation in the Lord.

I will cause you to rise up. I will cause you to be mighty. You say “we are small and insignificant.” Know this: I chose Bethlehem because it was small and insignificant to give birth to My Son and likewise, I will give birth to the Savior in this place says God, and out from this place will go many.   Many shall be lighted with a fire from My Holy Spirit, and they shall burn brightly, says God in this hour. I will do a new thing among you; a thing that if I told you, you would not believe it. I have kept it hidden. I have shown it to my prophets. I have shown it to those that can understand it but for those many I have kept it hidden because you would not believe it. Like Sara in the tent, you would laugh if you heard the promise of God. But I say to you that you will see it with your eyes. You will hear it with your hearing. You will touch it, you will taste it and you will know that I am your God and that I have shone My face upon you, and My glory shall perpetually be upon you says God, if you allow Me to do My perfect will among you says God. I will do this thing because it is My good pleasure to bless you says God.

"Portal of Glory," October 2005, Cordova, Alaska

Photo by Penney Benson

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