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The following vision may be understood in the context of a "transitional" point between present renewal and greater revival; what God is preparing His people to experience and embrace.

Many of us have recognized that the church has been experiencing a time of "positioning" preparatory to further changes. The Lord seems to be accelerating this positioning, and many leaders have been "ripped" out of their comfort zones and are being placed in more challenging areas and dimensions of ministry. The vision the Lord gave me follows:

The Lord showed me a crystal clear river, so clear and translucent that I could only see that it was a river by the appearance of river banks and by the reflection of light off the surface of the water. The water itself was purer and clearer than any water I've ever seen. Words do not aptly describe the clarity of the water I saw.

As I watched, I saw a large number of people standing along the banks of the river. The people would dip their hands into the river, bringing handfuls of water up with which they would splash their faces, cooling and refreshing themselves. Others put their hands in the water and played about, splashing and enjoying themselves.

The currents and the waters however, were flowing, moving continually downstream. The waters were not stagnant, not static, but flowing rapidly. The Spirit then said to me, "Notice that the water is flowing; it does not stand still. This is a picture of current renewal. It is not static. It is ever-changing. What I am about to do will be different from what I have done. The thing I am about to do will not look like what you have seen. You understand renewal by what you have seen, by what you have heard and by what you have felt. You recognize renewal by the context of your past experience with renewal. I will do a new thing, and the thing I do will not look like, sound like or feel like what you have known. Therefore you cannot understand my new work by what you have known, by your mind or by your experience."

"You must enter into close, intimate fellowship with My Spirit so that when I speak softly, you will hear clearly. If I move My church into a new dimension which does not look like anything you've seen before, you must discern My voice and follow. Do not look to "Renewal Churches" or "Renewal Leaders" for direction; for some of these even will not hear My voice. They will continue to perform renewal, but will be void of My Spirit, even as Samson knew not that I had left him. Many will think that they will "arise as at other times," but will possess only the "form" of renewal, and will not experience any longer the power and potency of true renewal. The mind, the intellect, the creativity of man is too weak and too inadequate to know the mind of the Lord. Your spirit must be in tune and in touch with My Spirit. If you will draw near, you will not be misled, neither will you misstep for I will lead you clearly."

"When I do this new thing, many will miss what I am doing, because they will judge it by their past experience. Many will criticize those who have heard My voice. Many will misunderstand you and judge you according to their fleshly knowledge of renewal and revival. Hear My voice. Know My voice. Do not lean on your own understanding, neither give place to the flesh, which would counsel you wrongly. I am the Lord, I change not. My plans for you are from the foundation of the world, yet I will show you great and mighty things, which you do not know. Therefore, know Me. Stay close to Me. Hold on to Me. I will guide you, My Spirit will lead you into all truth, My Word will bear you up. Times of great change are dawning. Many will be frightened. Many will assume that renewal has ended, that My Spirit has been lifted away, yet in the midst of this confusion, I will demonstrate my power and glory and mercy in a depth you have never understood nor seen it. Hear My voice, my people. Know my voice."

"If you are standing beside the waters of My Spirit, refreshing yourselves in the coolness, I counsel you to let yourself fall completely in the river. If you are playing in the wonder of this visitation, I counsel you to fall in completely. The waters do not tarry, they do not wait. The waters are moving. Move with the water; be immersed, be inundated, let the waters cover you and carry you and lift you up. Do not fear, do not be dismayed. You are about to see the beauty of My glory which you have only longed for but have not seen. You are near to the place where you will hear the sweetness of My voice as you have never heard it. Draw near, remain close and you will see the salvation of the Lord."

Greg Austin

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