The following musing began as an e-mail response to a friend (family) in Ireland. As I felt the Holy Spirit guiding my words, I recognized that these thoughts were relevant to the Body of Christ, so we're just letting you "eavesdrop" on our communications. 04 September, 2006. Greg

Whether we recognize it or not; whether we understand the movement, the shift, the subtle differences, the truth remains: God is "processing" each of us.

Regardless of our best or worst efforts, we move at HIS rate, we progress at HIS speed and direction. We are all, those of us who have found forgiveness for our sins and have experienced new life in Christ are moving deeper into relationship with Him if we will LET HIM –

Let me ask you – Do you remember, can you recall those moments in which without reservation and without resistance you simply LET HIM? 

Do you remember how the Holy Spirit visited you – Invaded your life – sweetly stepped into the inner sanctum of your soul?

Do you remember laying yourself before Him, in complete submission to the Holy One?

Can you remember where He took you in those moments? 

It's the "letting Him. . ." that is essential to our spiritual growth. Letting HIM, and no other. LETTING Him and not "leading Him" or pushing Him or forcing Him; but LETTING HIM.

Oh, that is the pearl, the secret, the hidden gold, the whole answer to all our complex and continual questions - if we would all just "LET HIM" - Let Him into our hearts, LET HIM into our dreams, LET HIM preside over our plans, our schemes, our hopes, our futures, our "nows" our “thens,” our homes, our lives - LET HIM! LET HIM!

I hear the Holy Spirit pleading; "Will you Let Him? Will you truly surrender, will you relent, will you finally just give up, raise the white flag, lay down your arms; will you truly yield?

Will you get yourself out of the way and LET HIM??? Oh, I hear Him just now; I hear Him pleading, calling, bidding, imploring, begging, for our own good, for our own best - His best.

And if we will “LET HIM” we will find the heart of His expression in the earth; radically and sweetly manifest that heart to the peoples of the earth, to every tribe and to every kindred and tongue.

"Family" is what it is all about – All our wonderful songs (songs like, "I'm so Glad I'm a Part of the Family of God", We will Break Dividing Walls) and all our slogans mean nothing to Him unless we truly allow Him to be "Abba" - Daddy - Father. Unless we actually become sons and daughters - in the truest sense and in the complete definition of what it means to be true sons and daughters,



      basking in the womb of “family” and reveling in the warmth of Father’s presence..

I wrote to friends in England this morning. I reminded these precious family members of a night in October of 2005 when we met in a family home. Our discussion centered on the theme of defining "the church." The focus finally shifted to the word, "Family." The church must and will naturally (supernaturally) become "Family" as we submit, as we "Let Him." It's a natural process that has become artificial in the greater scope of the church experience. The "church" has become an institution, an organization, a program, a corporation more than a corporate body; more business than Body; more conglomerate than "koinonia." The "they had all things in common" has given way to the establishment of the "have" churches versus the "have not" churches.

We need to become FAMILY in the House of God.

We need to LIVE in the Living Room of His Presence.

We need to SUP at the Supper Table of His Grace - "You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies" Echoes from the halls of heaven to hearts willing to hear.

We need to REST in the Great Room of His companionship. We need to see our heavenly Father abiding in His Great "Easy Chair" and climb up into His enfolding arms, rest on His Strong Shoulders, hear and feel and sense the intake and the outflow of the Ruach - the very Breath of God. Oh, I hear Him calling us UP, UP, UP, UP into his bosom and into His arm of Salvation.

And it's Truly, Family. Father, Son, Daughter, Father, Groom, Bride, knit together, introduced and fueled by the HOLY, Holy Spirit.

Peace and Love in His Grace,


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