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June, 2006 – For The Church

GERMANY: While worshipping with my German family the Lord suddenly and with great force began speaking to my spirit. I wrote down His words verbatim on a piece of scrap paper I found in my Bible. The bold type below contains the words I heard, while the italicized words are my sense of amplification as the Holy Spirit gave me understanding.

It is my observation that in many places the hunger for a greater expression of the Life of God through His church has led some to attempt to create, build, fashion, craft and organize what only He Himself can and will create.

This is what I heard in June, 2006:

“Let Go! Let Go, my church! It is not up to you to find a place and a way for My New wine!”  –

Man has never “found his way.” All we like sheep have gone astray, we have turned, everyone, to his own way.

There is a way that seems right to us, but the end of that way is the way of death. God has opened a “new and living way” for us to have access to His presence through Jesus.

So we will never “find a place and a way” for His wine to flow and to be contained. It is only God Who can show us that way.

“You will not create, neither will you touch My wineskin because it is holy unto God.”

Man has always attempted to usurp the position and the place of God. Yet He alone is Creator. Satan has never created anything, but rather the devil imitates. Man is the created one – the creation. God is the Creator.

We are wasting our time and energy trying to “invent” the church of the twenty-first century. Man destroys whatever he touches. The best efforts of the best minds have always given us “religion.” We must stand back, take our hands off, and watch to see what God in His heaven will create for us.

Further, we must not “touch” His wineskin. Uzzah put out his hand to touch – to steady the ox-cart containing the ark of God’s presence – and died for his effort. Let us refuse to touch that which is Divine, Holy and uniquely God’s church.

“My wine is the Blood of My Son that is shed for your lives. It is My wineskin and not your wineskin that will contain the wine of Blessing and Refreshing and glory and life.”

God has promised blessing, refreshing, glory and life to those who will recognize that it is His church, and not our church. We must continually remind ourselves of Who it is Who holds the title deed of the church. It is His, not ours. If we can remain in this context, the outflow of our relationship with Him will be Blessing, Refreshing, Glory and Life.

”Let go, My church and I will do for you what you can never do for yourselves.”

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