We're often asked, "what is g2k?"

The answer is a bit longer than those two letters bracketing the number "2." g2k stands for "genesis two thousand" as well as "generation two thousand."

In the days of the closing of the Twentieth Century, God spoke to Greg Austin about an emerging generation of leaders within the church. This "generation" - the generation of leaders emerging at the turn of the Twenty-First Century would be made up largely of younger, and thus "inexperienced" in the ways of religion but passionate in their pursuit of God and the manifestation of His kingdom in the earth. While the majority of these "pursuers" are young, God said there would also be people of greater chronological age who would be part of this "generation." The generation the Lord was speaking of was not to be viewed by biological age, but by spiritual passion and receptive hearts.

This rising generation would desperately need spiritual fathers who would walk with them, mentor them, listen to them, encourage them and cheer for them. Previous generations of church leaders experienced a usually "miss" rather than "hit" relationship with experienced men and women of God who could disciple, lead and lift them into their divine callings. As Greg has written, "they" (this next generation) don't need our brilliance, our genius, even our revelation; they need our hearts."

The first mission of g2k is to encourage those who hear heaven's call to become part of a people who would recognize, embrace and authentically reflect God's glory to the world around them. g2k is a forming army that will reach our planet with the gospel of Jesus Christ in this generation. Finally, g2k is a people who are not interested in conventional and traditional forms of spiritual expression so much as they are concerned with being the people God intended them to be.

When asked to discuss the vision of g2k, Greg said, "I'm not talking about a "business-as-usual" church. I'm not talking about traditional methods and tired-out programs. I'm not talking about a "religious elite" leading a limping church with yesterday's anointing. The religious systems of past generations can't serve a generation breaking into the 21st Century."

"I've watched the church on four continents for more than forty years - more than a generation. I've seen its successes and failures, I've learned methods and tricks, but I'm not interested in mechanical methodology - I'm interested in the manifest presence of the Father among His children. I'm not interested in "spiritual pacifism," I'm more inclined towards war with the enemy of our souls."

Our world is desperate for spiritual reality. We've become a post-Christian planet, and our culture deteriorates daily. The line is drawn, the issues are clear, the question remains, "where will you stand?"

God is gathering an Army of Warriors . . . When you're ready, He's ready for you!


Where do you sign up? Where is your local Recruiting Office? Sign up where you are; seek out others of like heart, spend time together, pray together, walk together and let the vision of heaven capture your heart.                 

Genesis 2K - now the generation  

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